Martin Charnin

July 18, 2014

Because Steven tuned my piano so well, I may be forced to write another “Tomorrow”!


-Martin Charnin

Elaine Chelton


August 13, 2014

To Whom It may Concern:

I am happy to recommend Stephen Segarra as an experienced & talented piano 

tuner. He has 16 years of experience and trained under the master Steinway tuner, 

Herbert Bach. He started tuning the pianos at the David Koch Theater at the 

beginning of the 2014-spring season for the New York City Ballet after the sudden

death of our tuner/technician who had worked for the company for more than 30 


I have played the pianos that Stephen tuned. Not only does he possess a fine ear and 

was able to get the piano’s perfectly tuned, the pianos took on a quality which I can 

only describe as beautiful and unique. It made the pianist want to play them

because of the sound that he brought out in each instrument.

I think he would be a tremendous asset to any concert hall or teaching institution.


Elaine Chelton  

Solo Pianist, New York City Ballet

Kathleen Park

Tuned our piano which we haven't had a chance to tune over the past 5 years. Most of the keys in

the middle register were sounding 1 octave below what they should have sounded like. It got so 

bad that even my 4 year old commented that the piano was "wrong".

Stephen was a gem all around. He was courteous and listened well during my initial phone

interview with him as I explained how long it's been since I last got the piano tuned. Never did

he shame me or try to intimidate me like I've had the experience of other piano tuners do about 

this negligence.

His prices compared to some other professional tuners were reasonable if not under what his

competitors were quoting me based on the age and the type of tuning required to get my piano 

sounding normal again. But his ability to get my beat up Kimball upright to sound respectable 

was nothing short of genius!

I'm so happy to have finally found someone I can trust to keep my piano in shape--not to 

mention someone who can offer a wealth of insight and knowledge into the fascinating aspect of

this instrument. I never thought I'd say this about a piano tuner, but talking to Stephen helped me 

to appreciate my piano again. In fact, I was so inspired by our interaction and by how good our 

piano was sounding that I actually stole an hour from my busy mommy chore day to play pieces 

I hadn't "had the time to" in years!

-Kathleen Park 


I contacted Stephen regarding a piano my parents gave me that had not been tuned in at least 15 

years. Stephen was easy to schedule an appointment with and was responsive to my messages.

He came over and looked over my piano and gave me an assessment of its condition. He tuned 

the piano and offered suggestions of repairs I could make to the piano, but was conscious of the 

cost and didn't press me to do any of the work. Since I am a new piano owner he also talked to 

me about a tuning schedule, etc. Stephen is personable and professional and I will certainly have 

him back for the repairs as well as future tunings.  


Marjorie Saraga

Stephen triple tuned our piano and also provided many suggestions that would help to keep our 

piano sounding as good as it did after the tuning. We will have him return within the next month 

to complete the tuning.

Stephen is courteous, professional, extremely knowledgeable, and creative. He told us exactly 

what he will be doing, and provided an overview of what he could accomplish in turning our 70 

year old upright spinet. He took great care to be as gentle as possible, so none of the strings 

would break, and they did not! He took his time, and it was apparent that he cared very much, 

about the piano's own integrity, physical condition, and the enjoyment that it brings to our 


Stephen was informative and instructive, which contributed to us having a strong sense

of confidence in his expertise. He discussed with us, the different types and techniques, of 

various remedies in tuning an older piano correctly, and he also discussed the cost estimates as 

well. Stephen is himself an accomplished pianist, and teacher, which , enhanced the service that 

he provided. He did a great job and shared with us, a reasonable plan, to keep our piano sounding 

at its best.

-Marjorie Saraga 


He tuned a piano that was severely out of tune.

The tuning went extremely well. He was professional, honest and put in a great deal of time 

tuning a piano that hadn't been tuned in many years. It had also been moved from San Francisco 

to New York and then was placed in storage. He suggested that the piano should be tuned again 

in a week or two as the strings couldn't be changed as much as needed in one tuning. We agreed 

and were thrilled with the results. Our musician children visited several weeks later and were 

impressed with piano. He also gave us a wonderful "recital" to demonstrate the improved sound.


Arisa Batista Cunningham

Thoroughly checked the piano to identify what was needed after a very long period of not being 

tuned. Also provided detailed explanation of process needed to bring it back to optimum 

performance and advised on ongoing care.

Was thorough, courteous and knowledgeable.

- Arisa Batista Cunningham